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Pitney Viking brooch (pb160)

Pitney Viking Brooch (pb160)
Pewter openwork. Secures to garment by way of a pin with locking, safety catch.

The Urnes art style was very popular during the reign of Cnut the Great (1016-1035). This is a replica of a solid gold brooch found at Pitney, Somerset. Viking women usually wore two brooches to fasten their overdresses whilst men wore one on the right shoulder leaving their sword arm free.

Diameter: 60mm

Supplied in a satin and velvet-lined gift box.

Free Gift with Every Order

Every order comes with a free 10th wedding anniversary gift tin and a little slip inside your gift which explains about tin and why it is given for the 10th anniversary. Also comes with a tin purity stamp and a date of manufacture stamp.

$36.00 + Postage & Packaging @ $4.95

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