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Elvish love quaich - large (lv-QU102)

Elvish Love Quaich - Large (lv-QU102)
Large pewter quaich with embossed Celtic design on handles and a raised Celtic knotwork border around the bowl edge just below the lip.The base of the bowl is inscribed with the inspiring message of eternal love in beautiful Elvish script: One ring to show our love. One ring to bind us. One ring to seal our love and forever to entwine us.

Caution: this item is NOT dishwasher safe. High temperatures and cleaning agents will damage the pewter.
The quaich (pronounced quake from the Gaelic word cuach) has a rich heritage in Scotland - indeed it is a uniquely Scottish invention, having no apparent connection to any other European drinking vessel. Traditionally used in Scotland to celebrate a bond between two clans, it was also used in the 17th century to offer welcome to travellers and is now commonly used in wedding and christening ceremonies.
The Celts used knotwork to decorate many of their artifacts. To them, the intricate patterns woven into spirals and knots symbolise the continuity of life.

Bowl rim diameter: 97mm Width (incl. handles): 180mm Height: 47mm

Supplied in a satin-lined gift box, engraved with a 'with love' plaque.

Free Gift with Every Order

Every order comes with a free 10th wedding anniversary gift tin and a little slip inside your gift which explains about tin and why it is given for the 10th anniversary. Also comes with a tin purity stamp and a date of manufacture stamp.

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