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Heart torc bangle (tb68)

Heart Torc Bangle (tb68)
Pewter open bangle with an embossed knotwork heart design.

According to classical writers, the Celts wore torcs into battle. Both neck and arm torcs have been discovered in Britain and Europe and it is thought that they marked a person of high status, such as a warrior or chieftain. PLEASE NOTE: repeated bending of this product may cause it to weaken or break.
Hearts represent love in all its many aspects and they are also seen as symbolising having heart, the power of courage and will. To the ancient Egyptians it was the heart, rather than the brain, which was seen as the organ that held the person's mind and soul.

Width: 8mm Internal width: 60mm (torcs are adjustable)

Supplied in a satin and velvet-lined gift box.

$50.19 + Postage & Packaging @ $4.95

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