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Celtic knot Tin Diamond tieslide (dct14-t)

Celtic Knot Tin Diamond Tieslide  (dct14-t)
Cornish tin with Celtic knot design set with a 2mm diamond. The diamond has a 14ct gold bezel. Nickel-plated sprung steel clip.

The Celts used knot work to decorate many of their artefacts. To them, the intricate patterns woven into spirals and knots symbolise the continuity of life.

Tin is commonly given as a gift for the 10th anniversary with diamond being given as the modern alternative. Combine both these fantastic 10th anniversary materials to get a really attractive and popular Tin and Diamond tie slide.

Tie slides are worn all across the world by people who wear ties on a regular basis whether it be for work or simply to look smart, buy the perfect 10th wedding anniversary Tin and diamond tie slide to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary.

Width: 62mm Height: 12.5mm

Supplied in a satin and velvet-lined gift box.

Free Gift with Every Order

Every order comes with a free 10th wedding anniversary gift tin and a little slip inside your gift which explains about tin and why it is given for the 10th anniversary. Also comes with a tin purity stamp and a date of manufacture stamp.

$180.06 + Postage & Packaging @ $4.95

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